The Writing Corner!

This is the page where I'm going to be talking about my various WIP fanfictions! ...I write so many AUs, it's ridiculous.

The Tippillon AU

You ever hear of Super Paper Mario? That, but I gave them Pokemon. Also Mario is extremely traumatized and I dunked on Francis. By far my longest WIP, at over 100 pages in Google Docs.

Persona Star Allies

Another AU, this one borne of me, late at night, thinking about Magolor and Persona at the same time. End result? If nothing else, I got cool art out of it. I'm still extremely proud of how Magolor's Persona came out.

Knit Gets Isekaied (no name yet)

A story based on my current PMD playthrough, which I have a dedicated page for. The fanfic does add some tweaks (for example, my partner Cyndaquil, Cynder, evolves into Hisuian Typhlosion in the fic, which he can't do in the game, because I have a huge bias.) but for the most part follows SMD's storyline.

~More to Come~