Entry 4-18-22

Welcome to the PMD zone, where I discuss my Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon playthrough guest starring Meta Knight from Kirby. Yes, I isekaied the knight. He's a dog now. And he has to put up with this Cyndaquil. It's a mess, it's great. Anyway, at the time of writing this, I'm up to right before the start of Gabite's dungeon. I haven't gone in yet, I'm writing an actual story of this and I'm trying to catch up in that before I actually go in to fight Gabite.

Entry 5-12-22

HEY SO sorry I forgot about this entirely. I fought Gabite! It took two attempts but I done it! I also got Pelipper Island, meaning I can play to my heart's content without nyeeding to advance the story if I don't want to yet!

Entry 5-13-22

And immediately after I say that I promptly advance the story. Welp. I beat School Forest, at least! ...kinda wish the game gave you an option to go back and rescue Goomy anyway instead of the partner just dragging you along anyway.

Entry 5-15-22

so I did some dungeons in Pelipper Island for fun had the hubris to nyot bring supplies because all the dungeons I can find have supplies in them my Totodile starved multiple times.